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house facade.jpg

This vibrant photograph was taken in Burano, Venice, Italy. This is a hand painted façade of a house as you can see by the front door on the left. It is for sale for $350.00 

Glenelg Lifeguard Tower.jpg

This photograph was taken at Glenelg Beach, highlighting the Lifeguard Tower with the beautiful natural but vibrant colours in the horizon as the sun went down. The image is printed on German Etching paper which gives it a soft yet dynamic painterly effect. This image is for sale for $350.00


This photo was taken in Sorrento in Italy and is for sale for $350.00

Lake Bonney.jpg

This photograph was taken at sunset in Lake Bonney and shows the magnificent colour that mother nature creates everyday. The dynamic colours produced late in the afternoon, bring the dead trees to life again and so they live on basking in the beautiful light of the sun highlighting the stunning cloud formations. This photo is printed on German Etching paper and is available for sale for $350.00

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